Monday, July 29, 2013

Resource: Seeds Family Worship CDs

The members of Truthbomb Apologetics all have young families and we understand the desire and need for Christian parents to bring up their children in the faith.

One of the most important things to teach your children is the value of memorizing Scripture.  Seeds Family Worship is an outstanding ministry that offers an excellent way to encourage you and your family to do just that!

Seeds Family Worship offers a series of CDs that features Scripture put to great music!  My own girls (they are 4 and 6) really enjoy them and I hear them singing the songs around the house.  The songs are contemporary and of a high quality.

If you are looking for a fun, creative way to memorize scripture with your family, the CDs offered by Seeds Family Worship are for you!

You can check them out here!

Courage and Godspeed,

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