Saturday, November 26, 2016

Research Materials for the Argument from Reason


The Cardinal Difficulty of Naturalism, Chapter 3 of C.S. Lewis's Miracles.

C.S. Lewis and the Argument from Reason by Jay Richards

'Naturalism is True:' A Self-Contradictory Statement by Albrecht Moritz

The Argument from Reason by John M. DePoe

The Argument from Reason by Victor Reppert

Why Atheism is Self-Defeating by Scott Youngren

Libertarian Free Will and the Argument from Reason by Angus Menuge


An Evolutionary Argument against Naturalism by Alvin Plantinga

Apologist Interview: Angus Menuge by Brian Auten

Can Atheists Trust Their Own Minds? by William Lane Craig

Unbelievable? Alvin Plantinga vs Stephen Law on the Evolutionary Argument Against Naturalism


The Argument from Reason by Acts 17 Apologetics

Descartes, Hume, and Darwin on the Argument from Reason


Agents Under Fire: Materialism and the Rationality of Science by Angus Menuge

C.S. Lewis's Dangerous Idea
by Victor Reppert

C.S. Lewis vs. The New Atheists by Peter S. Williams

Miracles by C.S. Lewis

Warrant and Proper Function by Alvin Plantinga

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