Debate Video: Does God Exist?- William Lane Craig vs. Stephen Law

I finally got around to watching this debate (I had previously read much of the transcript which is here) and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I appreciated Dr. Law's attempt at making an argument to justify his atheism rather than retreating to view that "I just lack belief in god."  As shown here, when the atheist attempts to defend this position, many times contradiction follows.

Dr. Law did a good job of staying on topic and attempting to at least interact with most of Dr. Craig's arguments.  However, I would have appreciated him engaging Craig's Kalam cosmological argument.  I completely understand and concur with Dr. Law's point that the KCA doesn't tell us anything about the Creator's moral character (Dr. Craig conceded as much!), but it certainly tells us much about the first cause!  With the topic of the debate being, "Does God Exist?," I would think one would attempt to tear down this argument straight away.  If not, we are left with a uncaused, changeless, timeless, immaterial, and personal Creator!

In summary, I appreciated the efforts of both debaters and found it thought provoking.

Brian Auten has the audio here.

Luke Nix has responded to Dr. Law's "Evil God" argument here.

Courage and Godspeed,