Debate Video: William Lane Craig vs. Shabir Ally- Who is the True Jesus? The Jesus of the Qur'an or the Jesus of the Bible?

Debate description:

In March 2002 Dr William Lane Craig began participating in a series of debates with Shabir Ally on the topic, "Christianity and Islam." One of these debates was held at the University of Western Ontario on the subject, "Who is the real Jesus? The Jesus of the Qur'an or the Jesus of the Bible?"

This was an interesting exchange.  I was fascinated by Ally's attempt to defend the contention (due to the teaching in the Qur'an; Sura 4:157-158) that Jesus didn't really die on the cross.  The fact that Jesus Christ died by Roman crucifixion is attested to by the large majority New Testament critics.  

Moreover, Ally didn't seem to hold the Qur'an to the same high standards that he did the New Testament in regard to reliability and historicity.  He seemed very willing to test the NT on historical grounds, but not the Qur'an.

In summary, I appreciated this respectful exchange and found it instructive.

For those interested in learning more about what separates the Muslim from the Christian when it comes to Jesus and His Resurrection, I recommend Mike Licona's book Paul meets Muhammad: A Christian Muslim Debate on the Resurrection.

Courage and Godspeed,