A Cosmological Argument Primer

The Cosmological Argument for God's existence is powerful and worth mastering.  It provides persuasive evidence that God does indeed existent.

J. Warner Wallace has been sharing some excellent posts on his blog about this argument and it would be wise for Christian Case Makers to take the time to read each post and master the content therein.  The posts serve as an excellent primer for those wanting to fully understand the argument.  Moreover, Jim's writing is always easy to understand and practical.

They are as follows:

Science Agrees with the Bible: The Universe Began to Exist

How the Principle of Causality Points to the Existence of God

Is There a Way to Avoid the Beginning of the Universe?

A Personal God is the Best Explanation for the Beginning of the Universe

Does the Bible Confirm the Standard Cosmological Model?

Podcast: Making a Case for God from the Beginning of the Universe

My suggestion to readers is to take a week or two (or longer) and learn the content in these posts.  If you do so I believe you will be armed with a powerful argument in the cumulative case for God's existence.

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Courage and Godspeed,