Abortion Debate at Westmont College

Scott Klusendorf of the Life Training Institute and Nadine Strossen former president of the American Civil Liberties Union present the arguments for and against abortion. Klusendorf understands the foundational question in this issue as being, What is the unborn and if they are human can we kill them? Strossen understands the foundational question as being, What is the individual morality of the mother and can one particular morality be forced on all mothers as a matter of law? It is from these understandings that they argue for their position.

There is also a fascinating question and answer period afterwards.

Stand firm in Christ,


Anonymous said…
A more discussion-based with a moderator being there would be greatly appreciated where the two people can dialogue until the issue is gridlocked.
Anonymous said…
It was a one sided debate. Scott argument were on target every time and Nadine did not present her case compellingly.

She come across as a : Relativist where right and wrong are not absolute and unchanging. Scott gave a GREAT REBUTTAL. It is the PRINCIPLE and proceeded to give classic example: Beating up a baby just for the fun of it. NO SOCIETY allows that !!

Scott has also touch on the " Euthyphro dilemma " because this is important to understand how biblical ethics are developed. ( He did not mention it as such but alluded to it.)

Key to this debate and Scott is right on!
1. Adult human is one spectrum in the growth of life beginning from conception. There is not debate on this.

2. From conception on till adult human the essential nature has not change. ( Scott gave great example of child and adult )

3. Therefore, one is a human person from conception to end of life.