Thursday, October 23, 2014

Quote: Dr. Paul Brand on the design of nerve cells

“The more I delve into natural laws – the atom, the universe, the solid elements, molecules, the sun, and even more, the interplay of all the mechanisms required to sustain life – I am astounded.  The whole creation could collapse like a deck of cards if just one of those factors were removed.   Some people really believe that all the design and precision in nature came about by chance, that if millions of molecules bombard each other long enough a nerve cell and sensory ending at exactly the right threshold will be bound to turn up.  To those people I merely suggest that they try to make one, as I did, and see what chance is up against.” - Dr. Paul Brand

Dr. Brand was the first physician to recognize that leprosy did not cause the loss of tissue, but is actually the loss of sensation that makes sufferers susceptible to injury.

In his book Where is God When It Hurts?, Philip Yancey states, “Dr. Brand received a several-million-dollar grant for the express purpose of designing an artificial pain system…  After five years of work, thousands of man-hours, and several million dollars, Brand and his associates abandoned the entire project…  A warning system suitable for just one hand was exorbitantly expensive, subject to frequent mechanical breakdown, and hopelessly inadequate to interpret the profusion of sensations…  The body’s pain network includes several hundred million sensors that function maintenance free throughout a healthy person’s life.”

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