Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Phil Fernandez on the Moral Law

"If the moral law is merely subjective, then no one can declare the actions of another to be wrong. If the moral law is produced by nations, then no nation can condemn the actions of another nation. The moral law could not even be the product of world consensus. The world consensus of the twentieth century could not condemn the slavery of the nineteenth, first, or any other century since world consensus favored the practice of slavery during those times.

The moral judgments of men do not make sense unless the moral law stands above all individuals, all nations, and any supposed consensus of the world. The moral law is universal; it applies to all mankind. The moral law is also eternal; it does not change with time. Therefore, there must exist an eternal moral Lawgiver who stands above all men. Prescriptive laws only come from lawgivers." [1]

Courage and Godspeed,

1. Dr. Phil Fernandez, The Moral Argument, May 97.

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Jamie Goodlet said...

I love this guy! He has some great lecture series, including one that just started (Apologetics 2014) which can be found at his website