Monday, January 19, 2015

It Is Still the Central Question

Yesterday I had the opportunity to present the pro-life case at New Hope Alliance Church.  I am always grateful to God for being able to pass on to others the knowledge I have gained and glad to hear from them that it has encouraged them in their pro-life convictions and that they can tell me specific ways in which they will be able to apply what they have learned.

During the question and answer session, a lady from the church spoke of a conversation she had with another lady on the street who was objecting to the pro-life position on the grounds that making abortion legal decreases illegal activity. The legalization of marijuana was then provided as an example.

I pointed out that, yes, legalizing an activity does decrease illegal activity. The activity is no longer illegal! However, my colleague Chad Gross pointed out afterward that comparing legalizing the use of an herb to legalizing the killing of innocent human beings is totally disproportionate.

The question, "What is the unborn?", is still the central question.

Stand firm in Christ,


Ron said...

Abortion is a very emotional and painful subject for many people, yet it needs to be addressed to prevent more harm. It becomes an ugly cycle. Thank you for being a voice for life.

Chase said...

To our readers,

The intent of this post was to highlight the insight my colleague Chad Gross had on January 18th during the Q & A and expressed to me afterwards and that that insight leads us back to the question, "What is the unborn?", which is the central question of the abortion issue.

The intent was not to further address questions posed during the Q & A session that day. Anonymous comments doing so will not be published. Their authenticity cannot be verified.

Since I will be at New Hope on March 22nd, I think it more beneficial and productive to further address questions from the January 18th Q & A session at that time. I am happy to do so. If you wish to meet up with me on this day, provide your name and I will make it a point to get with you.