Thursday, February 05, 2015

Is William Lane Craig Afraid to Debate John Loftus?

Let us consider the following:

William Lane Craig (WLC) has debated Sam Harris.
WLC has debated Christopher Hitchens.
WLC has debated Stephen Law.
WLC has debated Quentin Smith.
WLC has debated Hector Avalos.
WLC has debated Robert Price.
WLC has debated Gerd Ludemann.
WLC has debated John Shelby Spong.
WLC has debated John Dominic Crossan.
WLC has debated Paul Kurtz.
WLC has debated Ray Bradley.
WLC has debated Kai Nielson.
WLC has debated Victor Stenger.
WLC has debated Austin Dacey.
WLC has debated Antony Flew.
WLC has debated Eddie Tabash.
WLC has debated Paul Draper.
WLC has debated Peter Atkins.
WLC has debated Frank Zindler.
WLC has debated Bart Ehrman.
WLC has debated AC Grayling.
WLC has debated Lawrence Krauss.
WLC has debated Francisco J. Ayala.
WLC has debated Marcus Borg.
WLC has debated Lewis Wolpert.
WLC has debated Shelly Kagan.
WLC has debated Richard Carrier.
WLC has debated Joel Rosenberg.
WLC has debated Sean Carroll.

To see a comprehensive list, see here.

However, John Loftus would have us believe that WLC is possibly "chicken" to debate him.

So, we here at Truthbomb have a a few questions for Mr. Loftus- What is so special about you and your atheism that Dr. Craig would have no problem debating the above list of skeptics and/or atheists, but is supposedly afraid of you?  Are we really to believe that he "fears introducing you to a wider audience?" What exactly makes you so much more threatening than the impressive list of individuals above?

You could claim that because you used to be a Christian, that makes you more threatening. However, skeptics such as Bart Ehrman and Dan Barker have been riding that pony for years.

Further, you could once again claim that Dr. Craig is afraid to debate you because you are his former student; however, so what?  You were a former student.  That says nothing about your ability to defeat Craig's arguments.  Unless we are to believe that Dr. Craig takes all his students aside and says, "Okay everybody; here are all my weaknesses, but don't tell anyone..." I doubt it. Dr. Craig's work is available to anyone who can read, download a podcast or visit  Moreover, he regulary interacts with various responses to his arguments on his website.  Simply because you sat under his teaching does not make you an expert in debating the relevant arguments. This was evident in your debate with Dinesh D'Souza.

In regard to Dr. Craig, I personally standby what one well known atheist blogger had to say awhile back:

Craig has done 20+ years of Ph.D+ level research in the two fields he debates, has published hundreds of academic books and papers on both subjects, and has been debating since high school.

So yeah, that’s right. You are not qualified to debate William Lane Craig. Richard Carrier? Austin Dacey? Quentin Smith? Bart Ehrman? You are not qualified to debate William Lane Craig. Louise Antony? Christopher Hitchens? Eddie Tabash? You are not qualified to debate William Lane Craig. Frank Zindler? Gerd Ludermann? Hector Avalos? You are not qualified to debate William Lane Craig.

“What about some people who would like to debate Craig?”

Mark Smith? John Loftus? You are not qualified to debate William Lane Craig.

“Okay, well, is anyone qualified to debate William Lane Craig?”

Nobody comes to mind…

Surely Dr. Craig has his reasons for not debating John Loftus; however, I find it very hard to believe that being "chicken" is one of them.

Courage and Godspeed,

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