Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Do Atheists Believe in Miracles Without a Miracle Worker?

In his new book Stealing from God [1], author and speaker Frank Turek quotes a post written by blogger Roddy Bullock called "Everyone Believes Something Unbelievable" as follows:

"Virgin Birth.  Abiogenesis.  Resurrection from the dead.  Random mutations producing the raw material for new organs.  Intelligent creation ex nihilo.  Eternal matter.  Eternal mind.  Heaven. Multiverses.  Speciation, by unguided, natural selection.  Hell.  Natural DNA information generation. Adam.  Panspermia.  Angels.  Not immaterial soul.  Miracles.  Space aliens.  God.  No God." [2]

Turek goes on to write, "...both atheists and theists believe in at least some incredible things that they haven't seen.  Yet somehow just theists are viewed as unreasonable for believing in them...Atheists are given a pass for believing without evidence that the universe, life, the genetic code, consciousness, etc. all arose by mindless, repetitive natural forces, which have no explanation either." [3]

Turek sums it up nicely on his blog:

"Since the universe requires an intelligent cause cause beyond itself, and life, as Francis Crick put it, appears to be 'almost a miracle,' what is the most reasonable conclusion?  Atheists and abiogenesis proponents have faith that 'miracles' can occur without a miracle worker...So while atheists and theists both believe what appears to be unbelievable, someone creating is a far more believable than no one creating." [4]

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