Monday, December 14, 2015

Authentic Sayings of Jesus: The Centrality of the Person of Christ to a Christian Apologetic

The Christian religion stands or falls with the person of Jesus Christ. Judaism could survive without Moses, Buddhism without Buddha, Islam without Mohammed; but Christianity could not survive without Christ.  This is because unlike most other world religions, Christianity is belief in a person, a genuine historical individual-but at the same time a special individual, whom the church regards as not only human, but divine. At the center of any Christian apologetic therefore must stand the person of Christ; and very important for the doctrine of Christ's person are the personal claims of the historical Jesus.1

In coming posts we will therefore identify the sayings of Jesus which are authentic.  And these sayings will provide us with clarity on Jesus' self-understanding.

Stand firm in Christ,

1.  Criag, William Lane. Reasonable Faith:  Christian Truth and Apologetics; Third Edition. Page 287.

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