When Pro-Abortion Choice Rhetoric Hurts

I have been reading through Dave Sterrett's We Choose Life, an outstanding collection of stories from men and women who are dedicated to rescuing babies, mothers, and fathers from abortion.  

In the book, contributer Rebecca Kiessling writes about when, at the age of 18, she learned that she had been conceived out of rape.  

She writes:

"I remember feeling ugly, unwanted, and very much devalued and targeted by our society. I instantly thought of what people say about abortion:

'I’m pro-life—well, except in cases of rape,' or,'I’m pro-choice—especially
in cases of rape!' 

I realized that there were multitudes of people who
didn’t even know me but were standing in judgment of my life, and
who were quick to dismiss it just because of how I was conceived. I
felt like I was now going to have to justify my own existence, that I
would have to prove to the world that I shouldn’t have been aborted
and that I was worthy of living. I wanted to have all of my assets lined
up so that people would see me as a person of value at a time in my
life when I felt like I was being devalued every day."1

When pro-abortion choice advocates argue that abortion is justifiable in cases of rape or incest, they are implicitly devaluing the life of the individual who has been conceived that way.  I wonder if they even consider this?  An 18 year old conceived out of rape is no less intrinsically valuable than an 18 year old conceived out of a loving, consensual relationship.  Would any right thinking person argue that we should have the right to kill the 18 year old conceived out of rape?  Of course not!  In like manner, a pre-born child conceived out of rape is no less intrinsically valuable than a pre-born child conceived out of loving, consensual relationship.

The act of rape and incest are morally deplorable and inexcusable.  However, I implore my pro-abortion choice friends to stop using those conceived in this manner as talking points and treat them as people because as Rebecca Kiessling's story demonstrates, pro-abortion choice rhetoric hurts.

We Choose Life will be available January 1, 2016.  Please look for our review in the coming weeks.

Courage and Godspeed,