Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tough Topic Tuesday: The Problem of Evil, Pt. 9

In this series we have been considering what many believe to be the most powerful argument against the existence of God- the problem of evil.  As we have noted, the problem of evil takes on three forms: 1) the logical problem of evil 2) the evidential problem of evil 3) and the emotional problem of evil.  In the final two posts of this series we will consider the emotional problem of evil.

A few years ago I was participating in an online discussion about the existence of God.  Atheists and theists were discussing the various arguments for and against the existence of a Creator.  I will never forget one of the individuals who was sharing in the discussion.  We were examining the various evidences and he shared that he was a former believer who had walked away from God because his young son had been run over by a car and killed.  In his mind, if God existed, He wouldn't have taken his son from him.  My heart broke for this gentlemen and that day I learned a valuable lesson.  A lesson that I believe is most important to remember when discussing the problem of evil and suffering with others and it is this- Many times, the person who puts forth the problem of evil and suffering is suffering or has greatly suffered.  We must not minimize this.  So when the problem of evil is brought up by those to whom we are talking, we must proceed with caution and tread lightly.

Next week we finish the series by suggesting some ways we can respond to the emotional problem of evil in a thoughtful, respectful and loving manner.

Courage and Godspeed,

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