Friday, February 26, 2016

Counterpoints: David Silverman vs. William Lane Craig on Objective Moral Truths

David Silverman: “There is no objective moral standard. We are responsible for our own actions….” “The hard answer is it [moral decisions] is a matter of opinion.”[1]

William Lane Craig: "Actions like rape, torture, and child abuse aren't just socially unacceptable behavior-they're moral abominations. By the same token, love, generosity, and self sacrifice are really good. People who fail to see this are just handicapped, the moral equivalent of someone who is physically blind, and there's no reason to let their impairment call into question what we see clearly." [2]

Courage and Godspeed,

1. David Silverman (Debate with Frank Turek: ‘Which offers a better explanation for reality -Theism or Atheism?’) as quoted by James Bishop here.  You can view the debate between David Silverman and Frank Turek here.
2. William Lane Craig, On Guard, p. 140-141.

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