Free Booklet: Digging for Evidence by Peter S. Williams

As I have stated before, Peter S. Williams is one of my favorite thinkers and writers which is why I am excited to share that Christian Evidence has published a free 90 page booklet by Williams that "gathers together the archaeological finds of the past 50 years which have unexpectedly shed fresh light on the New Testament."

Williams states:

‘I’m glad Christian Evidence are publishing this book because it’s one way of calling the bluff of influential but ignorant New Atheists who assert that there’s no evidence for the historical reliability of the Bible. Some so-called “sceptics” make rhetorical demands for evidence while turning a blind eye to relevant data from entire academic fields. Digging for Evidence will make some of the latest archaeological evidence relating to the New Testament freely available to all.’

The booklet, which includes links to articles, news reports and videos on the net, explores how modern archaeology illuminates and verifies the New Testament in three areas:

Culture – people’s beliefs and practices
Places – from urban centers to individual buildings
People – people’s names, titles and relationships.

You can download your free copy here.

To learn more about Peter S. Williams and his work, go here.

This booklet has been added to our Free Apologetics E-book Library located here.

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