Thursday, May 05, 2016

Is the Trinity a Problem or a Solution?

Many claim that the doctrine of the Trinity is contradictory.  We have offered analogies here and here that demonstrate that claim is false.

However, I wonder how many people have considered that the Trinity may be a solution and not a problem?

In this featured post, J. Warner Wallace explains why he believes that is the case.  Wallace writes:

"The Trinity is definitely mysterious and difficult to grasp, but it is not a 'problem' if you really stop to think about it. In fact, the Trinity actually solves the allegedly irreconcilable 'problem'. It reconciles passages that describe one God with passages that describe the Father, Son and Holy Spirit as God. The truth of the Trinity is not a problem, it is a solution."

You can check out the entire post here.  

Further, you can find my favorite article on the Trinity by Peter S. Williams here.  Greg Koukl also writes on this topic here.

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