Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Quote: Francis Schaeffer on Apologetics

"Defense is proper and necessary because in every age historic Christianity will be under attack. Defense does not mean being on the defensive. One must not be embarrassed about the use of the word defense. The proponents of any position who are alive to their own generation must give a sufficient answer for it when questions are raised about it. Thus, the word defense is not used here in a negative sense, because in any conversation, in any communication which is really dialogue, answers must be given to objections raised. Such answers are necessary in the first place for myself as a Christian if I am going to maintain my intellectual integrity, and if I am to keep united my personal, devotional and intellectual life."

Courage and Godspeed,

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DJ Swanger said...

Great quote from Schaeffer! If more Christians were willing to do the serious work of engaging in a thoughtful way over questions raised, rather than crying offense and harking back to some mythical age in which everyone agreed with them, more unbelievers would come to see that the Gospel and the Kingdom of God make sense of the world in which we live today.