Friday, May 13, 2016

The Scariest Reason Trump Won

If you are still scratching your head like me and wondering how in the world did Donald J. Trump beat out 16 other Republican candidates in this year's primary, check out this interesting article from Town Hall.

Disdain for political correctness and the Republican establishment, the white working class frustration, and media frenzy; all valid factors that attributed to Trump's apparent path to the nomination.  But there is one more big and scary reason to consider.

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While I do believe there are some good points in this article, I would have to disagree with the author's closing remark stating that 
"I will vote for him if he wins the nomination -- because there is no choice."

We have a choice to vote for conservative values.  And as a Christian Conservative, it's important to remember it's not ultimately about who wins an election, but voting based on one's moral values and duties.  As there will come a time when it's all said and done when we will be held accountable for who and what we support as it relates to our worldview.


The "Other Chad"


Steve said...

I respectfully disagree with your conclusion. Part of being an adult in a broken world is choosing the least-damaging of the several viable flawed choices. Abstaining (or voting for a pipe-dream) will only help the most-damaging choice get in.

By "viable", I mean "could win without requiring a special miracle".

The Other Chad said...

Thank you Steve for your comment!

As I mentioned at the end of my post, ultimately the vote I cast I believe has eternal significance. I am not suggesting Christians should abstain from voting. But they should vote based on the moral values and duties they live their lives by.

Here is an interesting thought on Trump's apparent support of Planned Parenthood-

"It would be one thing if the hypocrisy came on some obscure policy issue related to taxes or government — it’s quite another when the duplicity regards the life and death of 58 million unborn children and the 324,000 unborn babies Planned Parenthood eviscerates in a given calendar year."

When it comes to sanctity of life, I do not see how one can reconcile selecting a least-damaging candidate. Should I vote for the candidate who agrees with killing babies up until they are ready to be born or pick the one who thinks maybe we can kill some babies under certain circumstances. How do you validate once choice being better than the other?

The source of this quote comes from the link below:

Steve said...

My pleasure, Chad!

To be clear, I hate every level of "pro-choice", including every concession Trump made to this depraved movement. That being said, 10 babies being murdered is clearly worse than 1 baby being murdered, 50 is worse than 10, 5,000 is worse than 50, and so on.

In all likelihood, less babies will be murdered under a Trump administration than a Clinton administration. Maybe it's due to sheer pandering to the right, but to the baby whose life is spared, who cares?

Abstaining from voting makes it more likely that Hillary gets elected, which makes it more likely that more babies will be killed, while voting for Trump will make that less likely.

I'm not a Trump fan; I was a Cruz supporter all out while it was feasible, but that's no longer an option. Since Jesus isn't running, ALL elections are among sinners. Perfection will never be there. Until perfection makes an appearance, we're voting for the least-damaging individual. Between Trump and Hillary, it's not even close. Even with all the problems I have with him, he's less-damaging than the abortion-obsessed career power-hustler Clinton.