Monday, June 06, 2016

Something Happened

Look, the one thing you can't do (not with any intellectual honesty, anyway) is pretend that nothing happened. Clearly something did, because it has created shockwaves around the world and throughout history for two thousand years.  Even just in the lives of those disciples, whatever it was that happened cause them to rearrange the very structure of their worldview. They began to believe that this crucified Jesus was the long-awaited Messiah of Jewish hope, that he was the Son of God, the vindicated, sin-bearing Lamb of God, the first fruits of a new creation that would begin in his own redeemed people, the King of kings who would one day save his people finally and forever and remake the world in a new birth reflective of and flowing from his own resurrection life. Because they believed these things, they rearranged their lives so that they could proclaim their beliefs-abandoning careers, leaving homes, and ultimately refusing to back away from those beliefs even as (according to tradition) they were, one by one, beheaded, crucified, impaled with spears, flayed, and stoned.

Something happened to cause all that.

Stand firm in Christ,

Gilbert, Greg. Why Trust the Bible? Locale 1444 of 2099.

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