Saturday, November 19, 2016

Pandora's Nursery

I recently read an article, Pandora’s Nursery: Adults Raised by Gays Take Up the Cause of Children's Rights, by Terrell Clemmons here at Salvo. The article discusses the harm done to children in the name of family equality as chronicled in Bobby Lopez’ book Jephthah's Daughters: Innocent Casualties in the War for Family "Equality."  I found the following paragraphs noteworthy:

“It is also important to remember that, if marriage is a lifelong commitment of sexual fidelity, and if gays are born gay and live according to fidelity in marriage, then (natural) gay parenthood is a contradiction in terms, since gay couples cannot conceive children together. In whatever way a gay family comes about, the children in it will, in all cases, have been separated from at least one parent. Certainly, in a fallen world, such separations will occur, but to willfully, intentionally, and preemptively nullify a parental tie constitutes an existential crime against the child.

Children are neither property nor "rights." They are human beings who inherently possess rights, and it is incumbent on adults to guard and secure them. The real enemy is not people who identify as gay, nor is it the gay lobby or the indifferent public who lets Big Gay have its way, though there's plenty of culpability to go around. (It's worth noting that Jephthah's Daughters also criticizes our laissez-faire divorce culture, along with reproductive technologies by which gametes and children are bought and sold without their consent.) The real enemy is the self-centeredness that deconstructs natural marriage and the natural family in favor of adult sexual choice. Selfishness is wholly incompatible with the very call of parenting, which requires that adults put the well-being of children before personal wants.”

What do you think? Don’t take my word for it, read the article, don’t wait for the movie.

Have a little hope on me, Roger

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