Thursday, December 01, 2016

Article: 5 Ways to Help Keep Your Kids From Becoming Secularized Worshipers by Alisa Childers

In this featured post, Alisa Childers, formerly of the recording group ZOEgirl,  writes about how secularism can even creep into our kids’ worship experience.

She writes:

"As a worship leader and as a parent, I have a deep desire to help equip my kids to approach God with genuine worship that is insulated from the secular influence of the culture they are growing up in. This is no easy task."

Further, she shares that "Christian worship seeks to glorify God, while secularized worship seeks to glorify our experience of worshiping God."  

However, as she rightly asks, "How can we get our kids to understand this?"  She offers 5 tips:

1. Live a life of God-centered worship in front of them.

2. Teach your kids theology, and focus in the attributes of God.

3. Stress admiration over experience.

4. Teach your kids apologetics.

5. Encourage your kids to be critical thinkers in worship, without becoming critical people.

I encourage you to checkout the article here.

Finally, this post was a guest feature on Natasha Crain's excellent blog which can be found here.  This blog is "must reading" for Christian parents.


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