Monday, January 16, 2017

The Year of Hope

In the subject piece, Brian Fisher discusses Human Coalition's declaration that 2017 is the year of hope. He writes:

Hope is not frivolous or ill informed. It is not flippant. True hope is grounded in facts, observations, and assurances. It is grounded in belief—and not “belief” as it is commonly defined today. 

Our culture often defines belief as personal preference or opinion, such as, “I believe abortion is necessary to secure women’s rights,” or “I believe abortion doesn’t kill a person; it just removes a blob of tissue.” 

Both statements are wrong opinions based on fallacies. And yet our culture gives credence to such opinions because we use the catch phrase “I believe.” 

I like Holman’s definition, “Trustful expectation.” We expect hope to be fulfilled because we trust or believe in the reasons for our hope. And those reasons are rock solid.

He goes on to discuss Hebrews 10:23-25. This passage, says Fisher, is about hope, and he applies it to Human Coalition's mission.

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Stand firm in Christ and stand firm for the preborn,

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