Saturday, February 11, 2017

Paul Davies on the Fine-Tuning of the Universe

"The really amazing thing is not that life on Earth is balanced on a knife-edge, but that the entire universe is balanced on a knife-edge, and would be total chaos if any of the natural 'constants' were off even slightly. You see… even if you dismiss man as a chance happening, the fact remains that the universe seems unreasonably suited to the existence of life -- almost contrived -- you might say a 'put-up job'.… Taken together they provide impressive evidence that life as we know it depends very sensitively on the form of the laws of physics, and on some seemingly fortuitous accidents in the actual values that nature has chosen for various particle masses, force strengths, and so on. If we could play God, and select values for these natural quantities at whim by twiddling a set of knobs, we would find that almost all knob settings would render the universe uninhabitable. Some knobs would have to be fine-tuned to enormous precision if life is to flourish in the universe.”1

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1. As quoted by Blake Giunta here.


Edwardtbabinski said...

Paul Davies, noted physicist, on naturalism, theism, belief in God, and a third way (assorted quotations):

Chad said...

Hello Mr. Babinski,

Thank you for the link. I want to be clear that my only intention in sharing Davies' quotation was to demonstrate that the universe is indeed finely-tuned for life. That is all. This seems like an uncontroversial claim.