Video: Arguments For and From Fulfilled Biblical Prophecies by Peter S. Williams

Apologists differ on the value of using fulfilled biblical prophecies as evidence for the validity of the Bible or for the validity of the Christian worldview.  In this featured video, philosopher Peter S. Williams explores arguments for and from fulfilled biblical prophecy.  As the video text states:

"First, we will examine criteria for assessing predictive prophecy. We will then assess 1) Old Testament City Prophecies (e.g. prophecies about Jerusalem and Tyre) and 2) the New Testament record of fulfilled Old Testament messianic prophecies in light of the biblical and extra-biblical evidence. We will conclude by asking what the case for fulfilled biblical prophecy can contribute to a 'ramified natural theology' (i.e. a natural theology that takes into account ‘Christian evidences’)."


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Anonymous said…
Really enjoyed this!!! Would disagree that Human History is a minute portion of the universe, but never the less, great stuff.