Friday, January 26, 2018

Teaching Your Kids the Absurdity of Life Without God

I once heard philosopher J.P. Moreland share how he often would talk to his own children about what life would be like if God did not exist.  He actually advocated teaching children atheism!  Moreland contended that when kids contrasted a world in which God existed with a world without God, they would be drawn to the beauty and coherence of the Christianity worldview.  

This can be done by simply asking your kids some simple questions.  Moreland offered the example of Martin Luther King, Jr.  His child had come home from school with a paper about King and they began talking about the importance of King's legacy.  Then, Moreland simply asked something like, "Do you agree with King?  That everyone should be treated equally?"  The child affirmed that she did. They went on to discuss why everyone should be treated equally.  The conversation concluded by Moreland and his daughter discussing if racial equality made more sense on theism or atheism.

I believe that if we as parents look for these types of opportunities, we will be surprised how many present themselves.  For example, children are always pointing out marvels in nature or in the night sky.  Simply asking them, "Do you think that came about by accident or does it appear to be designed?" can get them thinking about the existence of a Creator. 

In the above video, William Lane Craig shares some thoughts that parents can use as a springboard to begin having these types of conversations with their own children.

For those who want to learn more, you can find some of Dr. Craig's writing on this topic here.

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