Monday, February 25, 2019

Debate Video: The Abortion Debate- Dr. Willie Parker vs. Dr. Mike Adams

This past Thursday, as Josh Shepherd writes, "two leading voices on the most contentious issue in America — abortion and reproductive rights — challenged each other’s positions in a moderated debate at the University of North Carolina-Wilmington.  It comes as public dialogue on life issues has been widespread, sparked by several state bills to legalize late-term abortion."1

Regardless of your position in the abortion debate, this debate is a must watch.

To learn more about the debate and the participates, go here.

You can find a useful review of the debate here.

Here is another great debate featuring Adams.

Courage and Godspeed,

1. Josh Shepherd, "WATCH: Abortion Provider Spars With Pro-Life Expert in Explosive University Debate," February 23, 2019.

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