Friday, July 19, 2019

Article: A Christian Perspective on Homosexuality by William Lane Craig

I believe that philosopher and theologian William Lane Craig is absolutely right when he writes:

One of the most volatile and important issues facing the Church today is the question of homosexuality as an alternative lifestyle. The Church cannot duck this question.

In this featured article, Craig defends the following argument:

(1) We are all obligated to do God’s will.

(2) God’s will is expressed in the Bible.

(3) The Bible forbids homosexual behavior.

(4) Therefore, homosexual behavior is against God’s will, or is wrong.

I encourage our readers to consider Dr. Craig's argument before denouncing it.  

You can find the entire article here.

Courage and Godspeed,


Bob Seidensticker said...

That article seems really dated! Do you know when it was written? He cites a 1995 article about health issues (HIV and all that), and the statistics sound completely out of date.

Anonymous said...

And the Bible was completed about 1900 years ago. Does that make IT out of date?

Chad said...

Hello Mr. Seidensticker,

I hope you are well! WLC has updated the article and the post now reflects that!