Thursday, December 12, 2019

A Collection of Responses to Richard Dawkins' Latest Book, "Outgrowing God: A Beginner's Guide to Atheism"

It has been quite awhile since I have taken Richard Dawkins serious as a thinker.  Frankly, Dawkins is a sloppy thinker who only succeeds in dumbing down the question of God's existence.  As I have noted here, there are numerous reasons why his views on ethics, philosophy and theology are sophomoric at best, and morally deplorable at worst.  However, his influence among internet atheists cannot be denied.  Although I confess I don't understand why.  It seems to me that "Darwin's Pitbull," has become nothing more than a yapping Chihuahua.  But, for those who are still (for some unknown reason) influenced by this once great thinker, here are some responses  to his new book for your consideration.

Outgrowing Atheism: it's time for Richard Dawkins to grow up by David Robertson

If Richard Dawkins loves facts so much, why can’t he get them right? by Damian Thompson

More of Dawkins’ same old tired rhetoric by Matthew Cserhati

How Dawkins’ Outgrowing God Capitalizes on Our Culture’s Inability to Think Critically by Hillary Morgan Ferrer

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