Monday, July 05, 2021

Apologetics315 Podcast: Biblical Archaeology with Ted Wright of Epic Archaeology


In our latest podcast, Brian Auten and I interview Ted Wright of Epic Archaeology.  This was a fun podcast that covers topics such as:

0:29 – Introducing Ted Wright of Epic Archaeology
2:00 – What got Ted into archaeology?
4:00 – What you’ll find at
6:12 – More about Ted’s background in apologetics
9:44 – What is the actual job of an archaeologist?
15:30 – Being chased by Nazis
19:03 – The role that archaeology plays in defending the Bible?
23:00 – “Archaeological evidence for Jesus does not exist…”
29:40 – What sorts of things in the Holy Land are legit?
35:43 – Unpacking archaeological evidence for the exodus
48:39 – Dating of the exodus
56:04 – How to think through the accounts of “the Canaanite genocide question”
1:03:00 – Cool archaeological discoveries that support the Old and New Testaments

We even got to discuss Gozer!  If you don't know who Gozer is, see Ghostbusters (1984) or here.  We love GB on the Apologetics315 podcast!  

You can listen in and get further details here!  

And if you haven't checkout Ted Wright's work yet, you can do so here.  I highly recommend it!

Many thanks to Ted for joining us!

Courage and Godspeed,

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