Worldview and Apologetics in the News

Hazony and Gottfried on wokeism and Marxism

How Could Solomon have so Many Wives When God Condemns Polygamy (1 Kings 11:1)?

An Open Letter with Eight Hard Questions for Progressive Christian Apologist Randal Rauser

Apologetics315 Podcast: Classic Replay - Gary Habermas

Tutorial: Melissa Cain Travis on Kepler and Cosmic Comprehensibility

Video: Joe Rogan vs. William Lane Craig

Former Porn Star Turned Pastor Condemns Dennis Prager’s ‘Misleading and Disappointing’ Defense of Pornography

Global Anglican body rejects Church of England’s blessing of same-sex couples

Boxing legend George Foreman says knowing Jesus is more important than fame: 'It doesn't matter what you achieve'

Archaeology Supports the Biblical Stories, Filmmaker Says: It Will 'Give You Confidence'

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