Worldview and Apologetics in the News

 Biden's education secretary vows to shut down the largest Christian university in the US

Is killing preborn children ‘a woman’s most fundamental right’? VP Kamala Harris thinks so

Video: Benny Hinn is trying to silence me.  I won't back down

Movie Review: Irena’s Vow

Planned Parenthood provided fewer health services despite record gov't funding: annual report

Scottie Scheffler wins 2nd Masters in 3 years, says he uses his talent 'for God's glory'

Bill Maher Says Abortion "Kind of Is" Murder

A New Testament Passage That’s Older than the New Testament

Farewell to Daniel Dennett

Interview: A World-Renowned MIT/Harvard-Trained Eye Surgeon Comes to Faith

Died: Mandisa, ‘Overcomer’ Singer and American Idol Star

Inflated Narratives

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