Apologetics315 Podcast: Our Favorite Debates


In our most recent podcast, Brian and I discuss our favorite debates.  My debate picks include:

1. James Crossley vs. William Lane Craig - Was Jesus Raised from the Dead? (2012)
- Highlights Craig's case for the resurrection based on postmortem appearances
- Contrasting styles of young Crossley vs distinguished Craig

2. Jeffrey Lowder vs. Frank Turek - What Better Explains Reality: Naturalism or Theism? (2016)
- Appreciates Lowder's formal case for naturalism reminiscent of Craig
- Admires the cordiality and clash of Lowder's logic vs Turek's rhetoric

3. Christopher Hitchens vs. William Lane Craig
- The "prizefight" lead-up and spectacle surrounding this legendary debate
- Contrasts Craig's arguments vs Hitchens' emotional appeals

4. Braxton Hunter vs. Matt Dillahunty (2019)
- Hunter exposes issues in Dillahunty's epistemology
- Effectively argues for Kalam cosmological argument and argument from free will

5. Craig vs Francisco Ayala - Is Intelligent Design Viable? (2013)
- Craig debates an award-winning evolutionary scientist
- Craig has to think on his feet against unfamiliar arguments from Ayala

6. Chris Date vs. Dale Tuggy - Is Jesus Human and Not Divine?
- High-level, rich, respectful debate between able defenders of their positions
- Highlights Date's ancient bird imagery argument for Christ's deity

7. Paul Draper vs. William Lane Craig
- Craig debates a formidable philosophical adversary
- Interesting to see Craig on his heels against some unfamiliar arguments

Links to these debates are here.

Brian's picks include:

1. William Lane Craig vs. Peter Atkins
- The famous "put that in your pipe" moment where Craig lists what science can't explain

2. Norm Geisler vs. Paul Kurtz on John Ankerberg Show
- Admires Geisler's rapid-fire responses to a breadth of objections

And as a special bonus, we discuss the worst debate we have ever seen:

Jeff Durbin & James White vs Dr. Clark & Dan Ellis (2020)

- Dr. Clark engaged in bizarre antics like throwing books, demanding miracles and challenging the audience to drink anti-freeze to demonstrate their faith
- One of the most cringeworthy debates they've seen

Pt. 1 of this podcast can be found here.

Courage and Godspeed,

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