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5 Ways to Teach Your Children about the Resurrection by Dillon Burroughs

7 Unbiased Facts about Jesus’ Death by Tim Massaro

10 Reasons to Accept the Resurrection of Jesus as an Historical Fact by Brian Chilton
Apologetics Press- The Resurrection of Christ as a Fact of Science

Contemporary Scholars and the Historical Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ by Dr. William Lane Craig

Did Jesus Rise from the Dead? by Mike Licona

Evidence for the Historical Jesus by Gary Habermas [Free E-book]

Evidence for the Resurrection of Christ by Dr. Peter Kreeft

Evidence for the Resurrection by Josh McDowell

Explaining Away Jesus' Resurrection: The Recent Revival of Hallucination Theories by Dr. Gary Habermas

Investigating Easter: Did the Disciples Imagine the Resurrection? by J. Warner Wallace

Investigating Easter: Did The Disciples Lie About the Resurrection? by J. Warner Wallace

Jesus Validates the Bible (not the other way around) by Tim Stratton
Outlining the Historicity of the Resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth

The Case for Christ's Resurrection by Dr. Gary Habermas

 The Resurrection as a Historical Problem by N.T. Wright


Claims of Jesus and Resurrection by Doug Groothuis

Did the Resurrection Happen? (Radio Interview) featuring Dr. Gary Habermas

Evidence for the Resurrection with Mike Licona

Resurrection of Jesus: Interview with Gary Habermas

The Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth by Dr. William Lane Craig

The Minimal Facts Approach by Dr. Gary Habermas

The Resurrection of Jesus by Tim McGrew


Debate Video: Did Jesus Rise from the Dead? - John Loftus vs. David Wood
Gary Habermas vs. Kenneth Humphreys: Resurrection- Religious Fiction or Historical Fact? (2008)

Michael Licona vs. Richard Carrier Debate: Did Jesus Rise from the Dead? (2010)

William Lane Craig vs. Bart Ehrman: Is there Historical Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus? (2006)

William Lane Craig vs. James Crossley Debate: Was Jesus Bodily Raised from the Dead?

For more debates and outstanding apologetics audio, go here.


Did the Disciples Lie about the Resurrection? by J. Warner Wallace

Did Jesus Rise from the Dead? by Impact360

Investigating the Resurrection by Chad A. Gross

Making a Case for the Resurrection of Jesus by J. Warner Wallace

The Top Ten Myths about the Resurrection featuring Mike Licona [10 video series]

Things Which Ought To Be Better Known about the Resurrection of Jesus by Peter J. Williams

Why the Resurrection is Important (1:30) by Dr. Gary Habermas

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Kimberly Sue said…
Thank you Chad and team! I am so thankful for your ministry through this blog!
Gary said…
Every time I request the evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus from a Christian blogger or pastor, the first thing they do is refer me to some apologist's book. Dear Christian friend, if it takes an entire book to prove that your first century miracle happened, it most probably didn't.

Open your eyes, friends. You wouldn't read a Mormon apologist's book to decide whether or not to believe Joseph Smith's supernatural claims. You wouldn't read a Muslim apologist's book to decide whether or not to believe Mohammad's supernatural claims. And you wouldn't read a Hindu apologist's book to decide whether or not to believe the supernatural claims of the Hindu gods.

Nope. You would expect the person making the supernatural claim to give you sufficient evidence within a five minute conversation...unless that supernatural claim is YOUR supernatural claim...then you expect us all to read your apologist's book to believe it.

Something's fishy, folks.
Chad said…
Hello Gary,

Thank you for taking the time to comment.

So, if I am understanding you correctly, if someone takes an entire book to make an argument, the argument is most likely false, correct?

I make my case for the resurrection of Jesus here.

Gary said…
Hi Chad!

The veracity of the Christian religion rises or falls on the veracity of the Resurrection and the veracity of the Resurrection rises or falls on the historicity of the alleged post-death appearances of Jesus to his followers. Christians believe that the appearance stories in the Gospels and in the Early Creed are historical facts based primarily on the following:

1. There were so many alleged eyewitnesses to these appearances, sometimes in large groups.
2. These alleged appearances had a dramatic effect on the character of those who witnessed them.
3. These alleged appearances were the impetus for many early Christians to be willing to be tortured and painfully executed for their belief in the veracity of these appearances.
4. These Resurrection appearances were the primary reason for the rapid growth of Christianity.

Question: Are these facts sufficient evidence to believe that a three-day-brain-dead first century corpse really did come back to life possessing supernatural powers; supernatural powers which allowed him to teleport between cities, walk through locked doors, and levitate into space? Before you answer that question I ask you to watch this Youtube video:

In this video, HUNDREDS of very devout, sincere people of faith believe that a woman who has been dead for 20 centuries is appearing to them. I have no doubt that at least some of these “eyewitnesses” would be willing to suffer great persecution and even death defending their belief that this event really happened.

Based on the very large number of eyewitnesses to this event and upon their very intense, sincere belief that this very extra-ordinary event really occurred…should we believe them?

Answer: Absolutely not!

Why? These people are very obviously experiencing an illusion. There is no dead woman to be seen anywhere in the video. Collective human experience would suggest that this is very likely what happened in the first century with the early Christians. The appearance stories in the Early Creed of First Corinthians 15, the earliest description we have of these alleged events, make no mention of a talking, walking, broiled-fish-eating Jesus. If the detailed appearance stories in the Gospels are literary embellishments, perfectly acceptable in a Greco-Roman biography as evangelical Christian New Testament scholar Michael Licona has demonstrated in his recent book, Why are There Differences in the Gospels?, it is quite possible that the actual early Christian appearance claims were based on illusions, similar to the one seen in the Youtube video above.