Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sermon: Lessons from Lily

The reality of suffering is something that each of us face. Regardless of our background, social standing, or worldview, we all suffer during our lives; but, does suffering serve any real purpose?

God has blessed my wife and I with two beautiful girls. Even before her birth, our youngest daughter, Lily Opal, had kidney issues. As a result, my wife, "Lily-O," and myself have made numerous trips to Children's Hospital and have shed many tears over the past year and half.

During these difficult times, God has shown Himself to be faithful in numerous ways and has taught Danielle and I priceless lessons. One such lesson is the main topic of this sermon that I was honored to share at my home church, Faith Christian Fellowship. Many thanks to Pastor Dave, Pastor Mike, and the church as a whole, for this opportunity.

You can listen to the message here. Feedback is welcomed.

Courage and Godspeed,

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Article: Has Science Created Life? by Albert Mohler

As you have most likely heard from various news sources, scientists have managed to create the first synthetic life in the form of a bacterium with DNA sequenced entirely by computer — a human-designed life form.

In doing so, they have proven what Intelligent Design advocates have been contending all along- intelligence is required to create life. But, have Craig Venter and his colleagues actually "created life?" No, they have only managed to "mimick it."

Albert Mohler comments further on this story here.

To learn more about what Craig Venter and his colleagues have, and have not accomplished, read this.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Book Excerpt: Correcting the Cults by Norman L. Geisler and Ron Rhodes

Book Excerpt:

JOHN 20:28- Does this verse support the deity of Christ?

MISINTERPRETATION: When doubting Thomas saw the risen Christ he said, "My Lord and My God!" Jehovah's Witnesses reinterpret this verse in a way to avoid making it appear that Christ is God. They say Thomas may have been expressing surprise at seeing Jesus-something like, "My God!" (Should You Believe in the Trinity? 1989, 29).

CORRECTING THE MISINTERPRETATION: Thomas couldn't have been expressing mere surprise at seeing Jesus. If Thomas said, "My Lord and My God" as a gesture of surprise, Jesus would have rebuked him for taking God's name in vain. Instead of rebuking Thomas, Jesus commended him for recognizing his true identity as "Lord" and "God" (v. 29). The acknowledgement of Jesus as God is consistent with what we're told elsewhere in John's Gospel about Jesus (see John 1:1; 8:58; 10:30). In fact, it is the culmination of the very theme of the Gospel of John (cf. 20:31).

You can purchase this book here.

For more from Dr. Geisler, see here.

For more from Dr. Rhodes, see here.

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Article: Faith and Philosophy by Greg Koukl

What should the relationship between good theology and philosophy be?

In this article
, Greg Koukl explains why a good theologian should also be able to use the tools philosophy has to offer.

Check it out here.

For more great resources from Greg Koukl, see here.

Courage and Godspeed,

Monday, May 10, 2010

Just to let you know...

First off, I want to thank each of you for your readership. I also wanted to let you know that I won't be posting much during the next week or so due to the fact that I will be preparing a message to share at my home church this coming weekend. Your prayers are appreciated!

In the meantime, if you need some resources, I would recommend:
  • For audio, visit Apologetics315 here.
Courage and Godspeed,