2013 Mt. Airy Apologetics Conference Audio

Context is King

Sunday Praise: Beautiful Rider by Jake Hamilton & The Sound

Video: Naturalism and How it is Affecting Culture by J.P. Moreland

Quote: Nancy Pearcy on the Importance of Apologetics

Walking with God Through Pain and Suffering

Article: Intellectual Faith? by Brett Kunkle

Video: The Fine Turning of the Universe

Book Review: Connecting with Muslims

Sunday Praise: "Marvelous Light" by Ellie Holcomb

Video: Why Am I Not Moved by Evidence for God?

Frank Tipler on Physics and the Claims of Christianity

Article: 18 Reasons Christian Leaders Should be Apologists by Saints and Sceptics

Everyday Virtues of an Ambassador for Christ

Video: Why Don't Christians Witness? by Bobby Conway

Sunday Praise: "Made New" by Lincoln Brewster

Walking with God Through Pain and Suffering

Free Advance Pro-Life Argument Course

Video: Should Marriage be Changed to Promote Same-Sex Couples?

Dr. Holly Ordway on Truth

Article: Ten Important Questions for the Jehovah's Witness Worldview by J. Warner Wallace

Share Your Thoughts: The Substance View of Persons

Video: The Kalam Cosmological Argument by J.P. Moreland

Sunday Praise: "Overwhelmed" by Big Daddy Weave

Walking with God Through Pain and Suffering