Friday, December 23, 2011

Counterpoints: John Loftus and Frank Turek on the Death of Christopher Hitchens

John Loftus: "Many Christians are thinking he’s burning in hell. Some others may even say this. But it is a disgrace to humanity to even think this abhorrent thought about such a brilliantly good man...this statement burns me up to no end. It is more repulsive than any thought I can conceive...may his memory live on. He has changed the world for the better." [1]

Frank Turek: "There is no one with whom I disagreed more who I admired so much. I don’t see how anyone who knew Christopher Hitchens could think that a man with such admirable qualities and talents was nothing more than a collection of chemicals– the product of unexplained random processes. Christopher’s intellect, wit, courage, and passion are evidence to me of a Divine Being– a Divine Being who loves human freedom so much that He would even allow the gifts He bestows to be used against Him." [2]

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A Note Readers

Although I disagreed with many of Hitchens' views, I did admire his willingness to take on all comers and his story telling abilities. The goal of this post is simply to contrast the views of a Christian and an atheist on the death of a well-known individual. No disrespect toward Mr. Hitchens or his family is intended.



Wednesday, December 21, 2011

From the Cradle to the Cross...

What the Child has done for those who receive His pardon...

For those who are new to the blog, welcome to Truthbomb Apologetics!

My life has been dramatically impacted and deeply changed by the ancient thinker, Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus made numerous spiritual claims and I came to the conclusion at the age of 25 that His claims were true. I have written about just some of the reasons I believe Christianity is true here.

I was not always a believer. It was after seeking God and finding Him through both experience and intellectually inquiry that I became a follower of Jesus. As I reflect upon that time, I realize that while I believed it was I who was seeking God, it was really God that was seeking me.

However, perhaps you have questions? The goal of this post [and this blog] is to aid the sincere seeker in examining the claims of Christianity and to encourage you, if you haven't before, to take the claims of Jesus of Nazareth seriously.

What follows are answers to important questions about Christianity:

What is the Gospel and how can I be Saved? Click here

Did Jesus Really Exist? Click here

Was Jesus Really Born of a Virgin? Click here

Is Jesus the Only Way to Heaven? Click here

Is there any Evidence that Jesus actually rose from the dead? Click here or here

Aren't there Naturalistic Explanations to explain Jesus' resurrection? Click here

Aren't Miracles Impossible? Click here

Isn't the Bible Unreliable? Click here

Isn't the God of the Bible a "Moral Monster?" Click here or here

What is the Biblical Definition of Faith? Click here

For more of our answers to frequently asked questions, please click here or feel free to explore the blog. And for those who may have questions about Christmas, check out this post.

Jesus died on a Roman cross for your sins so that your could be made righteous before God. He took the penalty for your sins so that you could be pardoned. The Bible says that salvation is a "free gift" [Ep. 2:8] and that "if you confess with your mouth, 'Jesus is Lord,' and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved" [Romans 10:9]. I implore you to consider doing so today...if what Jesus said was true, your acceptance or rejection of this message will decide where you spend eternity.

Are you still not sure? Check out this video- What Happens After You Die?

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Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Resources from Lee Strobel

For those who do not receive Lee Strobel's monthly newsletter, I would strongly encourage you to consider signing up for it here. I have been very pleased with the content in the letters since signing up.

In this month's newsletter, Strobel tackles some relevant Bible questions and includes some excellent resources for the Christmas season.

Lee answers the questions- 1) When was Luke written? 2) Why is a Verse Missing in Matthew?- and you can find his responses here.

Further, he highlights the following articles:

Again, to sign-up for Lee's newsletter, go here.

To explore more of Lee's works, checkout his website found here.

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

One Minute Apologist Interviews with Dr. Richard Howe

1. What is a Cult?

2. World Religion or a Cult?

3. Are Mormons Christians?

4. What Do Mormons Believe?

For more of Dr. Richard Howe's work, go here.

For more resources on Mormonism check out our Apologetics Arsenal.


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Sunday, December 04, 2011

Article: What is the Truth About the Date and Origin of Christmas? by Jim Wallace

The forthcoming holiday season provides followers of Christ with an excellent opportunity to share the gospel with friends and family.

Here at Truthbomb Apologetics, we desire to equip you to intelligently and winsomely discuss the evidences for Christianity with precision and grace.

Last year, we offered this post that boasts numerous Christmas Research Materials.

In this post, we feature an excellent article by Jim Wallace of that addresses the questions:
  • So, when exactly was Jesus born?
  • So, why do we celebrate Christmas on the 25th?
You can checkout the article here.

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